Cate Scolnik

Your content is a crucial part of your sales funnel. Here's proof.

A business coach I write for has an 18-month coaching program.

His last three clients turned up out of the blue, asking to sign up.

The said they’d read his blog and seen his online content, so they didn’t need the sales spiel.

They already knew he could help them.

That's what great content marketing can do - it can pre-sell your products and services.

Great content has well crafted posts that engage your audience.

Great content has posts that are more likely to go viral, because they engage your audience.

Great content works hard for you.

How I Can Help

I help business owners increase engagement, share their message and create loyal fans.

I specialise in blogging and social media services and strategies to increase engagement and circulation.

My favourite topics are small business, time-saving technology and effective short cuts.

I love words, and creating inspiring, practical, helpful posts that are highly shareable. I'm also:

- an editor and content consultant

- a content creator and content strategist

- a ghost writer (shhh!)

- smart, conscientous and professional

I’ve worked with some of the most respected experts in the online environment — including Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha and Sumitha Bhandarkar of A Fine Parent — as well as being part of a small team of editors working for Jon Morrow in his Guest Blogging program (your saw their rave reviews on the home page, right?)

A Bit About Me

I've been writing all my life and I learned how to blog from the best - Jon Morrow. After taking Jon's Guest Blogging certification program I joined his small team of editors, helping other students craft exceptional posts.

I've held a variety of demanding writing and editing roles for private organizations, as well as the government. I've also worked as a university teacher where I helped countless students hone their writing skills.

I've been published on some exclusive and influential sites, including Tiny Buddha, MindBodyGreen, Marc&Angel, LifeHack, and others.

I'm not a 'creative' who sits around waiting for the muse. I'm a writer who likes to get things done - preferably ahead of time. I'm organised, reliable and professional.

I'll hassle you if you've promised to get me something, but mostly I'll just deliver great content.

On time. Every time.

And often with extras, like infographics to support your post and increase circulation.

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