Aug 15

[Infographic] A Fail-Proof Formula for Popular Posts

Writing popular posts is not dumb luck.

You might think that posts go viral due to luck, but that’s not the case.

You might think that only posts written by big sites and well-known writers go viral. But that’s not true.

You might think you need to be a great writer to create a popular post, but that’s not correct either.

Here’s the truth… you can write posts that are likely to go viral just as well as anyone else. You just have to know how.

You see, there’s a secret to writing posts that go viral.

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Aug 01

5 Shortcuts to Create Amazing Images for Social Media

Depressing, isn’t it?

The amount of time and energy that goes into social media. It’s an amazing, powerful tool that can generate a ton of leads and revenue.

But it can be time consuming and daunting.

You can’t afford to ignore it. If you’re in business, social media is a must and here are two reasons why:

So how do you have a social media presence without taking all day, or spending a fortune on experts or virtual assistants?

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Jul 18

How to Steal Killer Blog Ideas (Without Being Caught)

Challenging, isn’t it?

A blog is a great tool for building a business, but there’s one problem. You have to come up with high quality, engaging content.


And starting a new post always means looking at a blank page. Which seems to suck the ideas right out of you.

Anything that initially appeared brilliant and inspired suddenly seems trivial and inconsequential. Or worse. You have no idea what to write.

But here’s a secret that no one will tell you. You don’t have to think up great ideas – they’re right in front of you.

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save time on social media
Jul 03

How to Take Care of Social Media in No Time at All

Social media – the words are enough to strike terror into the hearts of many Small Business owners.

Experts say we should be posting multiple times a day on social media, depending on the platform. That is if we want optimal results and good engagement.

Three times a day on Twitter, five times a day on Pinterest and twice a day on Facebook. That doesn’t include posting on Instagram and LinkedIn.How’s a Small Business supposed to cope?

By cheating, that’s how. And you cheat by automating at least some of your social media activities.

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