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Hey Cate, I Want To ...

What If You Could Start a Social Media Business That Works Around Your Family And Brings In Great Income? Grab the 5-day training that hands over the proven ingredients to start your own social media business from home, simply and easily.

What if you were able to bring in new customers on whenever you needed them?

Get the exact strategies I've used to scale my social media business to consistent $10k months, and I still use today!

One-on-One coaching to build your business, gain clarity and get confident. Whether you're repeatedly hitting roadblocks, are overwhelmed, don't know how to start, or are are secretly a little frightened ... I've got your back.

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Hi, I'm Cate...

... and I help busy mums (like me!) create SUCCESSFUL social media businesses simply and easily. 

Imagine having a business that brings in $10k a month and works around your family and your life.

It's not only possible, it's achievable. I know because I've done it.

I've created a successful business that gives me the freedom and flexibility I need to bring in a great income AND care for my kids and myself.

Social Sparks Podcast

Bite-Sized strategies to start your social media business
Ever wondered about:
  • Whether There's a Simple Way To Start Your Business (Spoiler alter: there is!)
  • Where To Find Clients
  • How to Deal With Disasters

    Grab a cuppa and tune in while your resident business building strategist (that’s me!) deep dives into the nitty-gritty starting and growing your own social media business.

    Warning: This podcast contains addictive content with simple strategies, business tactics and actionable insight to help you explode your social media business.

  • Praise and Testimonials

    Thank you so much again, Cate. In just a few weeks I've gone from pulling my hair out to seeing that there really is a structured road ahead. And that literally is because of your advice and courses. 🙂

    will mcclure

    That was such a great training! I love how you explained the psychology behind the titles and pricing! I enjoyed the video that walks through the entire template and how the training is quick and straight to the point!"

    jessica wewer

    Cate, a big thanks for sharing your tips on how to build a funnel in LinkedIn. You packed in the value with other simple things to do to connect with my market. Much appreciated! Lynda


    "I did use your ideas on a proposal today -> closed a 6 month contract for $4k/month"

    Cara jones

    In 15 minutes with Cate I learned more than I have in the past 8 weeks of taking social media courses by well known influencers. I highly recommend her to anyone starting their business or already in business.

    Sophia Karmel-Marr

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