Frustrating, isn't it?

Balancing all the demands.

Family, work, household chores ... the list is endless. 

Not to mention the guilt that comes from being stretched too thin and feeling like you're not giving anyone your best.

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

You can create a business that's fun and satisfying (and lucrative!) around your family.

So you get the best of all worlds.

You generate a great income. You're there for your family when they need you.

And you create a business that's enjoyable and satisfying.

And the added bonus? You get to show your kids that you can achieve anything.

To show them that we should always believe in ourselves, no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

To show them that we all have dreams, and we can make them come true!

A Bit About Me

I've trained with some of the biggest experts in the online space.

I learned social media from Jen Sheahan, who worked on Chloe Smith’s election to the House of Commons in the UK, and President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election, as well as working with the White House, Amazon, eBay, Disney, and more.

I also learned how to blog from the best - Jon Morrow. After taking Jon's Guest Blogging certification program I joined his small team of editors, helping other students craft exceptional posts.

I've done a lot of courses and grown a successful business. And there's one thing I've learned.

Most of the courses out there don't show you how to create a successful business while being a busy mum

They don't get the demands on your time. They don't show you that you can create success simple, easy steps.

Because all too often we get overwhelmed by business. We think we need to doo all sorts of things that just aren't necessary.

The truth is that you can start a social media business simply, and with little to no costs

You can run it from home - I ran my business from my dinning room table for the first couple of years!

And you can build a social media freelance business to $10K/mth.

I want you to succeed, so I do everything I can to help you achieve great results!

I share the exact systems, templates,  and strategies I use in my business.

And I make it easy with extras, like cheat sheets, frameworks, and checklists.

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