Join the Community!

Starting out as a social media manager can be a rollercoaster ride.

Working out where to find clients, how to raise your rates, or just how to get out of your own way and get stuff done is trickier than it looks.

That's why I created the Facebook group Become a Social Media Manager.

It's packed with free tools and training like:

✔️ More than SIX ways to find clients

✔️ Pricing inclusions and guides

✔️ Facebook security (aka how not to get your profile hacked)

✔️ How competitors can help you grow your business

✔️ Where to find inspiration for content when your mind draws a blank

We have a Social Media Success Toolkit, lists of places to find clients and mindset tips and tricks too.

So hop over and join the community - it's helpful, supportive and inspirational 🙂

Don't forget to answer the questions, so I can let you in!

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