What if you were able to bring in new customers whenever you needed them?

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Can I Share a Secret?

Waiting out there are dozens of your ideal customers. They just don't know about you.


Now if this is familiar:

You're not sure WHERE to find clients or how to go about generating leads.

You're looking on Fiverr or Upwork but don't want to undersell yourself.

You aren't interested in cold calling or spammy strategies, and Facebook ads seem daunting ...

Get a Client is 100% for You!

These are the exact strategies I've used to scale to consistent $10k months in my business, and I still use today!

Let's get right to it

Here's exactly what's covered in Get a Client

πŸ˜€ How to Find the Perfect Partners to Send You a Stream of Warm Referrals

πŸ˜€ How to Find Businesses Looking To Hire Social Media Contractors

πŸ˜€ How Create a Powerful Profile to Attract Your Ideal Customer

πŸ˜€ How to Create "Value Bombs" so People Notice You

πŸ˜€ How to Create Your Future and Snowball Your Results

πŸ˜€ How to Use Facebook To Generate Leads (without advertising)

Get everything you need to confidently grow your social media business with Get A Client.

What People Say ...


In 15 minutes with Cate I learned more than I have in the past 8 weeks of taking social media courses by well known influencers. I highly recommend her to anyone starting their business or already in business.

Sophia Karmel-Marr


I found your guide extremely helpful. Thank you so much! I was able to land a client the first time I used it.

Mikel Tadeje


Thank you so much again, Cate. In just a few weeks I've gone from pulling my hair out to seeing that there really is a structured road ahead. And that literally is because of your advice and courses. πŸ™‚

Will McClure

Get a Client Includes

1. Six simple strategies to Bring In Clients (Value $297)
2. Daily Action Checklists (Value $47)
3. Short, actionable videos of about 10 minutes each (priceless)

It also includes the following BONUSES:
1. Ultimate List of Social Media Resources (Value $27)

2. Places to Find Social Media Gigs That Pay Well (Value $17)
3. Affirmations to Master Your Mindset (Value $7)
4. Sample Social Media Posts and Quotes (Value $17)
5. Sample Value Bomb Content (Value $17)

6. Business Checklist (Value $17)
7. Business Success Toolkit: A Blueprint for Building a Successful Social Media Business (Value $17)

Total Value = $463

Today's Price = $147

Hey, I'm Cate, your guide  

You've heard it before. "You have to advertise on Facebook to get clients"

Or use some icky strategy like cold calling or spammy messaging techniques.

But that's simply not true. You can grow your business without resorting to those soul-sucking and time-wasting methods.

You just need to know the simple strategies to gain a little attention and build relationships with great people.

The right people. And I've learned easy ways to achieve this.

That's how I built my business to consistent $10k months. By getting to know great people. 

No ads. No cold calling. No spammy messaging.

Just simple strategies that gets you great results.

Which is where the strategies I share in Get a Client have all come from. These are things I use every day in my own business.

Strategies I want to share with you.

Because as business owners we are dedicated to helping people in the best ways possible.

But we can’t help them if they don't know about us. .

- Cate Scolnik, Creator of Get a Client 


How is this different to other courses?

I share the exact strategies I use in my social media agency to bring in clients. I have over 6 years experience growing my business and use these exact strategies to generate consistent $10k months. These things work for me, so I know they'll work for you too!

Can't I just figure this stuff out myself?

Sure… you could. But do you have that much free time? And if you've been wanting to do it for a while - how's it going working it out ?
How much time do you have to spend testing strategies that may or may not work? How many different webinars, PDF guides, Google articles, YouTube videos, etc. do you want to go through to try to piece it all together?

The processes I'm sharing inside this bootcamp are proven. They've helped me create a six figure social media business, and given my students great results, too. Why continue to white-knuckle it on your own, when I'm literally handing over something that’s tested and proven on a silver platter?

Is the content immediately available?

This bootcamp is INTENSE! There's a LOT packed into it so you don't get everything at once. When you sign up you'll receive immediate access to Day 1. Then you'll get a new training each day, so you have time to watch the training and take action!

What type of business is this for?

These strategies work for service based businesses, and are specifically designed for social media manager. However, they can also be used by graphic designers, web developers, consultants and coaches.

Is this really techy?

No, it's not techy. You don't have to buy or master any crazy new software. If you can use Facebook and do a quick Google search, you're all good!

Still got questions?

Send us an email at hello (at) catescolnik.com.

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