Get Your Content Seen on Facebook, Without Spending A Fortune on Ads

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Can I Share a Secret?

Waiting on Facebook are dozens of your ideal customers. They just don't know about you.


Now if this is familiar:

You're investing time and energy creating Facebook posts, but not seeing results.

Your audience isn't growing consistently each month.

You aren't getting thousands of people see your posts each month.

Go for Growth is 100% for You!

Proof These Strategies Work!

These are the exact strategies I used to achieve results for my clients

This is from a local cafe who have about 3,000 followers. I'd been helping them a few weeks when I took this. The first month, their engagement increased over 150%.

And you can see that even this Facebook snap shows engagement up 38% over the last 28 days (as at 23 March 2021)
They’re either…

This is from a local removalist (aka mover) who has less than 1,00 followers.

Taken in November 2020, you can see their content reached 17,680 people and over 2,000 people engaged with their posts.


This is another local cafe that had 88 page likes when they started with us. In August 2020 (when this screenshot was taken) they had about 1,200 page likes.

Over the week 2-8 August 202 their content was seen by over 24,000 people and 1,800 people engaged with their posts.

In a week. With NO ADVERTISING!

Let's get right to it

Here's exactly what's covered in Go for Growth

😀 How Facebook helps you grow your audience

😀 How to network online to bring in regular business

😀 How to get the biggest bang for your buck if you boost posts

😀 Why you should not invite your friends to like your page

😀 How to take Facebook from arrgghh to fabulous

😀 Where to find the best audiences

Get everything you need to confidently grow your Facebook audience with Go for Growth.

What People Say ...

Cate has a remarkable ability to simplify the complexities of social media into simple easy to understand strategy that any business can understand, and more importantly implement.

Tim Hyde
Win More Clients

Cate really understands what makes your audience tick ✅ and how to engage them

Adj A/Professor Elissa O'Keefe RN

The Go for Growth course that Cate offers is full of great information that even as a social media savvy person, I learned many new tips and tricks to market my business. The course is set up very nicely and I felt so much excitement and new motivation for my business as I progressed through. If you’re looking for ways to expand your business I would absolutely recommend taking Cate’s go for growth course.

Fallon Cook
Foundation Website & Marketing Design

Go for Growth Includes

1. Five simple Facebook growth strategies (Value $297)
2. How to be the Top Gear of Marketing (Value $17)
3. Short, actionable videos of less than 10 minutes each (priceless)

It also includes the following BONUSES:
1. Viral Funnelling Strategy (Value $47)
2. Piggy-Backing on Popular Content (Value $47)
3. A copy of Cate's book, Social Made Simple (Value $17)
4. How Not to Get Hacked on Facebook (Value $47)
5. Putting It All Together Formula (Value $47)
6. Mini Training: How I Took a Blog Post that Was Dead in the Water and Had it Shared Thousands of Times on Social Media (Value $17)

Total Value = $536

Today's Price = $47

Hey, I'm Cate, your guide on Facebook growth.

You've heard it before. "You have to advertise on Facebook to get growth"

Or use some complicated strategy that involves marshalling an army of people. or posting around the clock.

But that's simply not true. You can grow your audience without spending a fortune on ads. And without spending hours every week.

You just need to know the simple strategies to get your posts in front of more people.

In front of the right people. I've learned easy ways to achieve this.

That's how I can take a page that has a couple of hundred followers and get their content seen by tens of thousands of people.

And get thousands of people commenting on their posts. Without ads.

And it turns out when you have a simple formula to follow, it's not as difficult or time-consuming as you think.

Which is where the formulas I share in Go for Growth have all originated from. Formulas I use every day when I take care of client accounts.

Formulas I want to share with you.

Because as business owners we are dedicated to serving our people — serving our audiences — in the best ways possible.

But we can’t serve them if they don't know about us. And the best way to do that is by — you guessed it — growing your audience.

- Cate Scolnik, Creator of Go for Growth


How is this different to other courses?

I share the exact strategies I use in my social media agency to get results for my clients. I have over 6 years experience growing social media accounts aimed at growing businesses. Unlike many social media managers I have a very results-focused approach. I know that if I don't bring in new business, I lose a client! So I have learned and created systems that grow businesses. These are simple steps anyone can take to get their content seen. So you see regularly growth. Because the more people who know about your business, the more people will buy from you!

Can't I just figure this stuff out myself?

Sure… you could. But do you have that much free time? And if you've been wanting to do it for a while - how's it going working it out ?
How much time do you have to spend testing strategies that may or may not work? How many different webinars, PDF guides, Google articles, YouTube videos, etc. do you want to go through to try to piece it all together?

The process I'm sharing inside this bootcamp is proven. Not just because it’s helped me create a six figure social media business, but it’s given my students great results, too. Why continue to white-knuckle it on your own, when I'm literally handing over something that’s tested and proven on a silver platter?

Is the content immediately available?

Yes. And you'll have lifetime access. So whether you choose to binge-watch the videos and take action immediately, or take it one step at a time, we'll be here to support you.

What type of business is this for?

These strategies work for all types of business. We've used them - and seen great results - with hospitality, healthcare, tradesmen, clothing, e-commerce, and professional services. Some strategies work better for some businesses than others, and we cover this in the training. But these strategies will work for any business.

What platforms will this work on?

The strategies I share work on Facebook. I show you the exact things that I do to grow client accounts, so you can get the same results that I get for my clients

Is this really techy?

Facebook can be confusing. That's why this is a watch-over-my-shoulder-as-I-do-it style training.

I'm also including some bonuses, like my How Not to Get Hacked on Facebook video where I show you how to secure your account. Because we want to help you keep your business secure!

Still got questions?

Send us an email at hello (at)

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