No Results?

Not getting the results you'd like from social media?

You need training. You didn't learn to drive your car by yourself, did you?

No. You needed someone to teach you so you didn't bunny-hop around!

The same is true for social media. You need to learn how to make it work so you can harness that power effectively.

A half day workshop will give you the clarity, confidence and skills to take care of your marketing.

No Time ?

No time to take care of social media yourself?

You need done-for-you social media!

I run that out of my marketing agency, Sane Social Media. (Social media drives many business owners insane, hence Sane Social Media).

You can learn more about what we do and how we work at by clicking the button below.

Got Questions?

Got specific questions about marketing your business online?

Like how to get started or how to avoid the biggest pitfalls?

You need a one-on-one consultancy. 

I help people who are just starting out, and have never been on Facebook before. I also help people create custom audiences and build advertising campaigns.

Whatever your questions, I'm sure I can help.

Neill Van Der Walt

Hudson Gray Finance

Cate has proved to be one of the best operators we have seen and come across. She thinks beyond the obvious and seems intuitive with her approach to marketing. I am extremely happy with her personal, consultative and one on one approach with me as client. I am not just a number but a well looked after client with needs met.

How I Work.


First, a quick chat so I can learn a little about you and your business.

I'll ask you about your business goals, your current marketing, and what's working well at the moment.


Once I’ve got all the details and a clear idea of your goals, I prepare a proposal.

We have another chat where I present the proposal to you, so you have the opportunity to ask questions and I can ensure we're talking the same language.

I'll give you a couple of options and together we'll discuss the best way forward.

What Are You Waiting For?

Lori DescheneTiny Buddha Founder

I can’t speak highly enough about Cate Scolnik! A powerful writer, she consistently produces insightful, thought-provoking blog posts that engage the Tiny Buddha community.

She has a real grasp on what readers need and what they respond to, and she’s always open to feedback and impressively fast with revisions. Whenever I receive a post from Cate, I know it will require minimal work on my part and it will motivate and inspire readers to make positive changes in their lives.

Previous Work

Check out my work on Tiny Buddha, MindBodyGreen, Lifehack, The Change Blog, The Purpose Fairy, A Fine Parent, and Marc&Angel

Need to see more? Contact me and I can tell you where else to find me, and let you in on the ghostwriting work I've done.

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